Sander has been active in the vibrant Parisian scene for quit some years now. He spread his highly emotional dj sets all over the city, opening up the public to discover a new side of electronic music and a different vision of celebrating music in a special surrounding. After a long time working on producing and crafting his ownsound carefully, he revealed his true personality through his live act.

Sander’s music is highlighted by his use of melancholic, and sad atmospheres, expressed by pads and orchestral violins aiming to touch people deeply and even bring to tears the most sensitive ones. He also loves to use dark bass frequencies expressing rageand hopelessness, but he always find a way to elevate the moodand deliver the good vibes.




Sander, 16 Haziran Pazar günü %100 Music presents Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2019 sahnesinde.

İlgi odağına ham duyguları aldığı hilesiz tarzıyla Paris’in beklentileri yüksek kitlesi içinde kendi sadık takipçilerini oluşturmayı başaran Sander, kusursuzlaştırmaya seneler verdiği canlı performansıyla kendi yarattığı melankoli bulutundan süzülen iyi hisleri kendisiyle birlikte yakalayacak oyun arkadaşlarını arıyor…