Nicola Cruz is a producer, musician and DJ, born in France to a South American family. Currently he can be found living in Quito, Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes. His career began as a percussionist, and it was this same interest in rhythm that lead him to make forays into electronic music.

In his music, Nicola seeks to express the passion he has for the mysteries of his land, with its diverse cultu- res, landscapes, rituals and sounds. It is because of this that his music radiates an intimate understanding of nature, from the lush organic quality of his sound, to the gentle resolve of his songs. From this musical connection between past and present, traditional and modern, an ongoing South American movement has arisen, exploring the local indigenous and Afro-cosmologies through a carefully crafted analo- gue sound.




Nicola Cruz, 16 Haziran Pazar günü %100 Music presents Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2019 sahnesinde.

Güney Amerika tınılarını elektronik müzik ile işleyerek modern bir tepside sunan Nicola Cruz, ülkesinin hikayelerini ve analogun zarifliğini taşıyan canlı performansıyla daha önce 2017’de konuk olduğu Chill-Out Festival Istanbul sahnesine dönüyor.