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Style-Ist (TUR)

Mete Çorumluoğlu, better known as STYLE-IST is working in the music field professionally since 1998. He started his music life at Açık Radyo .He worked with Pozitif / Babylon for long years as a DJ and musical director. Style-Ist has played at many leading events up to now, besides his performances in Amsterdam and NewYork. He has a unique line that varies in different sounds. He owes his originality in his style - which can be defined mostly as eclectic or freestyle - to be courageous about surfing between all different sounds of musical experiences such as downtempo, dub, abstract hiphop, electro, breakbeat and drum’n bass. His “always fresh” archive presents also jazz, funk, club and the other close genres. He lies heavily on house music and its genres at his club performances presenting mostly electronic timbres, 80’s classics and mash ups in addition. Style-Ist cherishes an experience of a never ending “ good music experience “ to his audienece by sharing his own passionate love to his work, blending timeless sounds with different tones.