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Sébastien Casanova (FRA)

Sebastien casanova was attracted to jazz and fascinated by movie scores at a very young age. This early passion drove him to enrol at the “Conservatoire de Paris” where he dedicated himself to learning piano.
He embraced classical music and realised that it’s rigorous teachings helped him explore and fully appreciate the freedom that jazz improvisation can provide.
At that time and for many years, famous professor France Olivia mentored him though the infinite and winding roads of creativity and musical expression.
Percussions, string recordings and the search for sound design are essential parts of his mind set and guided him to include music softwares and electronic equipment as a natural extension to his music. As a result concret sounds and field recordings are inherent qualities that make his music so singular and unique.
After a number of musical collaborations ranging from jazz to rock to reggae, SebastienCasanova is developing a promising new project with the excellent guitarist and saxophonist Arthur Alfocea. This new electro-acoustic duo is already rewriting the maps to our common musical journey and will soon be showcasing their talent on the next Platon Records release.

In collaboration with Institut français, Sebastien Casanova will perform at Limits Off presents Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2017.